Whyte was established in 1999 with a single bike, showcasing more innovation in that one bike than an entire range from other manufacturers. They continue to develop and innovate today, producing bikes designed for uk riding. In addition to their excellent trail and enduro bikes, Whyte’s range of road, cross and hybrid/city bikes are both stylish and superbly equipped to meet the demands of today’s modern cyclist.


The true definition of freedom is that you can do what you want when you want. For Whyte this means a bike designed to work at its best whenever you need it to and whatever the weather. With review scores consistently getting ten out of tens and five out of fives Whyte's bike geometries offer the very best in trail and Enduro riding. Whyte works directly with the world's best frame builders to ensure their frames offer the very best in materials, giving you, the rider, the best riding experience.


Even though Whyte top the reviews year after year, this does not stop them pushing the boundaries further and further. They constantly strive to bring the off-road rider the very best riding experience. Whyte bikes are equipped to make the most of their excellent frame geometries. By offering a great range of both hardtail and full suspension bikes at different price points Whyte can be sure that their fantastic range is available to everyone. Whyte even go one step further than most other companies, by offering some of their more popular bike series in smaller sizes, down to extra small and sizing even the components down to suit smaller or shorter riders.


Whyte's reputation in the world of mountain bikes is undisputed but they do so much more. There are bikes for just about every discipline and terrain. The Whyte range of disk brake gravel, cross or road bikes is comprehensive including the new Glencoe - a very versatile, all-purpose road style adventure bike. For city, commuting, road and light trail riding, Whyte offer a range of flat or drop bar bikes that are built around their quality frames and equipped to a standard well above the usual budget. Their bikes are both incredibly stylish and superbly practical. As with their off-road kin, their road and trail models have women specific models with geometry and contact points designed specifically for the female rider, including some easy entry or step over frames.



Whyte's internal cable routing is carefully sealed to stop water getting inside the frame and their unique BBX and DOX features make the normal nightmare of servicing internal cable routing or adding a stealth dropper post blissfully simple. Not only does this add to the bikes practicality but gives the frame a smooth and elegant appearance. Function and style, Whyte have it sorted.


Sometimes it’s not what you can add to a design, it’s how much you can take away that makes it brilliant. There’s no better example of that than SRAM’s single ring transmissions and Whyte's SCR bikes. The single ring specific frames means, yet again, that Whyte bikes innovate and inspire others to consider what a high end bike should look like as well as how they should perform.


Optimised Trial Offset gives a controlled and planted ride by combining the perfect head angle with a 44mm fork offset it allows the bike to feel stable at speed yet agile when it comes to tight twists and turns on the trail.

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