Professional Traditional fit

Computers and gadgetry will never quite trump the intuition and skill of a passionate knowledgeable qualified fitter. A Traditional bike fit is perfect for any rider who values advice over diagnostics.


With new technology and gadgetry being produced by fitters around the world everyday it’s worth asking the question, how were bikes fitted before all this? It’s quite simple really, Passionate and knowledgable cyclists with an eye for detail and a whole load of experience, admittedly using few tried and trusted techniques expert bike fitters can optimise your fit and improve your comfort with more intuition than any computer, app or sizing guide could ever muster.

Rider Feedback

Letting your fitter know how you feel about changes to your bike is vital to getting everything just right. Our professional fitters can work round prior fits, injuries or preferred riding styles. Once you have the right fit and your measurements you can transfer your perfect fit onto other bikes you may have so getting the right fit first time round is paramount.