Founded in 1974 Specialized began when Mike Minyard took a little holiday around Europe.


Specialized Bicycle Components, now more commonly known as ‘Specialized’, was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. Founded in the US, Specialized’s head office is still based in Morgan Hill, California.


By 1990 Specialized had expanded into Europe and Canada and the brand can now be found worldwide making them one of the largest bike manufacturers in the World and a leader at all levels of bike development.


Specialized’s involvement in the world of competitive cycling covers all disciplines and all levels. Specialized bikes are used by some of the world’s top professional racing teams. It is this involvement that helps them to develop a full innovative range, from kids’ fun bikes to top Specification Mountain and Road bikes, as found in their S-Works range.



When they say that "aero is everything," they mean it. That's why they built their own wind tunnel that plays a part in every design, from fenders to the Venge. The Specialized engineers match real-time data from world-class athletes to bring aero gains to every element of your ride.


Smoother is faster. Over the years it's been at the heart of Specialized designs. With FSR, Specialized blazed the trail in active and independent suspension over 20 years ago, refining it ever since. FST isolates chain and brake loads, and as a result, the technology delivers more comfort, control, and efficiency than any other suspension. Specialized have continued to work in partnership with Ohlins to develop suspension systems with full user adjustability, giving unparalleled bump absorption. Their Brain suspension technology was developed to deliver the best efficiency. Whether it's at the front or rear of a bike's suspension, it's able to differentiate between rider input and trail bumps. This ensures that your pedalling forces aren't being wasted in compressing the suspension.


FACT, short for Functional Advanced Composite Technology, embodies Specialized’s approach to carbon composites. It's a comprehensive engineering process that guides the development of frames and components, all the way from initial sketches to finished products. Some would say that aluminium has had its day, but Specialized has continued to innovate and elevate aluminium designs, technologies, and constructions, making professional-grade frames and hard wearing essentials.

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