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Gravel bikes are very much styled on the traditional road bike with the familiar road style drop handlebars. They have a lot in common with road bikes and are fitted with 700c wheels. They are built from aluminium or carbon fibre - some models have aluminium frame with carbon fibre forks. Gravel bikes are often fitted with wider, heavier treaded tyres than road bikes. This gives the rider the opportunity to leave the road and venture off onto light, off-road trails, turning your standard ride into a real adventure. How often have you being road riding and noticed a small trail to your left or right and wondered where it goes. With a gravel bike you can take the opportunity to find out. This has always been possible with a mountain bike, but a Gravel bike rides like, and is designed as a road bike and rides better on roads than any mountain bike. Gravel bikes come fitted with disk brakes (either cable or hydraulic actuated) giving the bike more consistent braking in all weather conditions and varying terrain, so should you need to stop with confidence, you will!

When it comes to gearing the options are varied. Some come with a double chainring on the front, others a single. At the rear 8, 9 , 10, 11 and 12 speed options are available with the range being wide, so should the road turn hilly, or the ground hard to handle, you're sure to have the gears to cope. Brakes levers and gear shifting is combined with fitted STI levers as found on most road bikes today. This enables you to keep control with hands on bar at all times. If you want to make the most of your Gravel bike you will find that some Gravel bikes have the ability to take a full set of mudguards with options for fitting a rack (some even have the ability to fit a rack to the front). This turns the Gravel bike into a good all-rounder and makes the option of touring a possibility. For fast leisure rides, touring or commuting, a quality Gravel bike will fit the bill and ensure you have years of adventurous cycling in front of you.

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