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Mountain biking is a great leisure activity and sport. It is suitable for young and old, novice and expert. Whether you want to explore your local parks and canal paths or venture out on to moorland or woodland single tracks. Your riding ability and the terrain you prefer dictates what type of mountain bike you should choose. The selection of mountain bikes is vast and choosing the right one is your first step to getting going and making the most of your off-road rides. There are mountain bikes with no suspension (although there are very few), front suspension only (hard-tails) and full suspension bikes (front and rear). There are different wheel sizes available, 27.5 (650b), 27.5 Plus (fatter tyres) and 29er. Again the terrain and riding preference dictates your choice. For softer, boggy ground, sand or snow, Fatbikes (with the fattest tyres) are a great choice and are also available with rigid or suspension forks.

Mountain bike frames are made from a variety of materials. You can still find mountain bikes with steel frames although aluminium is much more common. If you want to keep the weight down, maybe a carbon frame version is more suitable.

The gear choice, again, is varied. Many of the newer bikes have only a single chainring at the front with a wide-ranging 12 speed cassette at the rear. Others have a double with triple chainrings becoming less and less popular. Bikes with dropper seat-posts are handy if you intend to ride downhill and need to keep your weight over the rear wheel for traction. Some bikes have a bar remote to control the dropper-post enabling you to raise and lower it without getting off the bike or moving your hands from the bars.

Selecting the right bike for you and your riding style is vital and will make your riding experience more enjoyable. There are even mountain bikes with electric power assistance. These bikes have a battery fitted with a motor assisting the bottom bracket and cranks and give the rider the opportunity of enjoying the uphill rides equally as much as the downhill sections. There are many things to consider and taking your time and investigating which bike is best for you and the terrain you intend to ride will, in the end, pay dividends and ensure you get years of off-road, riding enjoyment.

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