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Nutrition Tips Part 2

Dave Coulson Ex Pro Rider Gives Cycle Nutrition Advice

In part two of this podcast on nutrition consideration is given to the types of food and hydration products that a cyclist may use whilst preparing for and participating in, cycling events.

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Nutrition Tips

Cyclist getting ready to eat a bowl of healthy nutritious food

We recently had the pleasure of discussing nutrition with Dave Coulson. Dave has enjoyed and survived many years as a pro-rider and had for the past few years managed pro teams and upcoming riders.

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A rider taking a break at the side of the road recovering

You’ve just completed that long ride or intense race and have successfully managed to keep the body suitably ‘fed and watered.’ It’s time to put the feet up and rest but not after the usual cool down stretch.

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Train Indoors

A turbo trainer folded up in the middle of a room ready to be ridden or stored away

Finding a convenient and effective way to train when conditions are seemingly against you is made possible with the use of certain training aids. Of course you could invest in a static exercise bike, but they usually don’t compare to the feel of your regular bike. This is where the humble turbo trainer excels!

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A Clif bar energy bar in crunchy peanut butter flavour

Clif Bar Energy Crunchy Peanut Butter

A Clif Energy shot sachet in a 34 gram packet

Clif Shot Gel 34g

A Clif bar energy bar in white chocolate macadamia flavour

Clif Bar Energy Bar White Chocolate Macadamia

Winter Riding

An Etixx energy gel sachet on a table ready to be stored in a jersey pocket

For many years the hardened club rider has been aware of avoiding the sudden drop in energy which can take all the enjoyment out of the days cycling. What should have been a good ride with the mates becomes an exercise in survival and has been known to deter the newcomer from coming again.

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Energy Bars

An SIS Energy bar ready to be eaten as a mid ride energy boost

We’ve all been there. Starting to feel a little tired and looking forward to the return leg of the days cycling after a brief stop at a favourite café or some such. That toasty, piece of cake, flapjack and drink not only lifts the spirits but helps refuel for that ride back home.

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Keep Hydrated

A sachet of SIS dissolvable electrolytes ready to be mixed in to a water bottle and taken out on a ride

We are aware of the importance of keeping our energy levels up when out for the long or hard ride but we often forget how vital it is to keep the body hydrated. It has been said that if you only drink when you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and the body is suffering and working harder to compensate.

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