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There are those who keep their bike on the road all through the winter and others who keep their spring/summer bike stored, waiting for the ‘better’ weather and longer days in the saddle. Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll want your bike at its best. Getting your bike into tip-top condition can be challenging. For some the task can be daunting - not knowing what to check, what is worn, what needs replacing etc, etc. 

All bikes have numerous moving parts with untold nuts, bolts and bearings. Checking, tightening, lubricating and replacing faulty ones by a skilled bike technician will give you peace of mind that your bike will ride as it should; performance and safety is assured.

Whether you want your bike to run smoother, safer or both it’s vital that your bike is checked and issues spotted and remedied. Brakes, for example, need to be performing at their best. Bikes with cable actuated brakes should have the cables checked for any signs of wear, such as fraying or splitting. Pads whether rim brake or disk should be checked to ensure they are still fit for purpose and rotors checked for any signs of wear or damage. Even if all is well they may still need adjustment to ensure they work as they should. Bikes with hydraulic disk brakes should have hoses checked for signs of wear and tear. They may also need bleeding or topping with fluid to give consistent performance.

Your bike’s drivetrain should also be checked - chain, cassette and chainrings wear over time and a stretched chain can cause unnecessary wear to the cassette and chainrings. Replacing worn parts or adjusting cable tension/replacing cables, can prevent or cure gear slippage and ensure quicker and sharper gear changes.

Having your wheels checked for wear and/or damage can prevent accidents. Over time traditional rim brakes wear your bike’s rims, so having somebody in-the-know check them is always a good idea. The wheels may have, over the winter, hit a few pot-holes and possibly need truing. So a check of spoke tension and adjustment can bring those ‘buckled’ wheels back into true. And while we’re looking at wheels, it’s a good idea to check the hubs, giving the bearings a clean and regrease, or if necessary fitting new bearings.

Bottom brackets and headsets will need checking as water and dirt can cause issues. Checking bearings and regreasing or replacing is, again, vital to keep your bike running smooth and can help prevent damage to the bottom bracket and/or headset, saving money in the long term.

If your bike has suspension forks or shock, having somebody skilled check them over and get them working effectively, will ensure you get trouble free miles on the trail.

JE James Cycles has three workshops - one at each of our stores in Chesterfield, Rotherham and Sheffield. All of the workshops offer bike servicing packages. Three levels of service are offered, Tune Up for £35, General Service for £60 and Full Service for £100 (see below for details - replacement parts incur additional charges). In addition to the standard three service packages, our workshops offer add-ons for suspension servicing and specific E-bike servicing.

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