Whyte E-150 S

Whyte E-150 S

Whyte E-150 S

It may seem that Whyte are a little late at introducing an e-bike to their range but with the E-150S it would appear that the wait was worth it.

So why have Whyte waited so long? On developing the E-150S, Whyte wanted to ensure they released a bike that typified Whyte’s trail handling mountain bikes. To this end the new Bosch Performance Line CX Generation 4 motor plays a major part. Offering torque up to 75Nm gives great acceleration regardless of terrain with maximum drive support up to 340% (that’s 40% more support than the earlier generation CX line. This lasting support gives the rider powerful drive and faster sprints. Of course, in the UK the drive unit only offers support up to 25kmh (16mph), and is guaranteed not to overheat, even on those long, long rides. Over 25kmh the motor disengages giving free pedalling with no more resistance than you get from a standard bottom bracket.

What also makes this motor special and assists with the bike’s superb handling is it’s size and weight (approximately 20% smaller than its predecessor). This smaller size and clever rotation and manipulation of the motor by Whyte enabled them to slot the 625Wh battery next to the motor rather than on top of it - giving the bike an incredibly low centre of gravity. The battery is slotted in from the bottom which means that Whyte did not compromise the strength of the downtube and enabled them to use the lighter 2.7mm thick 6061 aluminium. This gives the bike an overall weight of around 23kg for a medium size.

The E-150S, apart from the power-assisted wizardry, also comes well spec’d. Front and rear 150mm suspension is handled by RockShox. Yari RC forks up front with RockShox Deluxe Select + RT handling things at the rear. Whyte has fitted WTP KOM Trail 27.5 wheels with WTB Vigilante 27.5 x 2.5 at the front and WTB Verdict TCS 27.5 x 2.5 rear.

Transmission is taken care of by SRAM GX-E single click 11 speed levers, SRAM GX rear mech with a 10-42, SRAM Eagle cassette and SRAM EX1 34T crankset. Combined with the Bosch CX Gen 4 motor you’ll handle just about anything. The climbs will be as much fun as the descents (well almost).

Braking is controlled by SRAM Guide GE with 200mm rotors front - and rear and with this much bike you’ll need them to reign yourself in. Bars, stem and saddle are all quality Whyte branded kit with a Whyte drop.it post offering 170mm travel.

From the reviews it would seem that Whyte have got this e-bike just right. It’s quick, agile and lots of fun to ride. With geometry that gives great, responsive handling, helped by the low centre of gravity. The incredibly low battery and motor adds weight in the right place to make the bike feel planted rather than anchored, so throwing it into and out of corners is as easy as a standard Whyte trail bike. Hey, if you want to find out how well it rides, why not consider taking one out on demo using our hire system.

So, to sum up. The Whyte E-150 S is a well thought out, superbly constructed and great looking trail bike that will enhance your trail riding. Sure it’s power assisted but if it means you get more enjoyment out of your day’s riding, go with it. After all isn’t that why we ride bikes.

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