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Turbo Kenevo Range

Turbo Kenevo Range

Turbo Kenevo Range

The Kenevo is Specialized’s solution to the call for a big hitting bike that does not rely on uplifts.

With 180mm of travel the bike sits firmly in the Super Enduro category, a bike that can handle any trail with ease when pointed down but also has the ability to climb. The biggest difference with the Kenevo is that being an E-bike, that climb can be achieved with very little effort, giving the rider the time and energy to ride the section again and get it dialled.

Riders get a choice of two Kenevos in the Expert range for 2019 the Expert E and for the riders who want a bit more cushioning around the wheels the Expert 6Fat. Both these bikes come with the custom Turbo 1.3 Rx Trail-tuned motor built for the Kenevo and feature a 15% power increase and a significant efficiency increase compared to the Turbo 1.2 motor, giving the bike instant engagement and fantastic heat management. Other features include a double freewheel design that disengages the gear box when you hit top speed, and silent, smooth, and consistent output even at max power.

The rear suspension on both bikes is taken care of by the very capable suspension experts at Öhlins who have provided Specialized with the TTX22M coil shock. With a very tuneable external system for riders to really dial in the preferred rebound and stroke performance based on their weight or preferred ride feel.

The battery is fully integrated into the downtube and can easily be removed for quick charges or swaps but with a 504Wh output the battery will last for a good days’ worth of riding between charges, the battery is also strategically placed on the frame for optimal weight distribution. The Kenevo like many of the other E bike offerings from Specialized uses the mission control app giving full control over the turbo technology; while an integrated display unit lets you keep an eye on all the vital ride metrics.

And should you want to scroll through those metrics while riding you can with the trail remote conveniently located on the handlebar allowing you to switch between modes without removing your hands from the bar. Once off the bike the walk assist mode makes pushing the bike easy as the motor assists you by giving the bike a little boost, so when you are tired and exhausted from a day in the saddle you don’t have to worry about pushing the bike back to the car

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