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Fox Introduces The All New Rampage Pro Carbon 2019

Fox Introduces The All New Rampage Pro Carbon 2019

Fox Introduces The All New Rampage Pro Carbon 2019

Fox have produced some fantastic helmets over the years and have solidified themselves as a leading brand in extreme sports, by shifting with the trends and looking for solutions to problems that have arisen as the sport progresses. Features like a well ventilated full face helmet for Enduro riding and multi impact protection to combat the effects of crashing on the neck and brain, all these things and more have featured on the wide range of helmets Fox have to offer. Fox Racing are all about giving the rider maximum protection for the job without interfering with the fun experience.

Taking feedback from their sponsored riders they tweak and change helmets to suit both Pro riders and the public, you won’t find anything on their helmets that are reserved for the sponsored riders apart from the paint job. With that in mind Fox have launched the all new Rampage Pro Carbon 2019 one of the lightest and safest full face helmets to hit the market. With a massive amount of improvements to make this helmet really stand out in its field. So let’s get into what the new Fox RPC helmet has to offer.

Goodbye MIPS Hello Fluid Inside

The yellow thin cage that is known as MIPS has been largely used and adopted by a wide range of helmet manufacturers but recently there has been a shift towards alternatives to the very popular system. Fox have decided to exclusively adopt a new system called Fluid Inside, designed to mimic the cerebral fluid that surrounds the brain to offer a second layer of protection against rotational and lateral forces when crashing. The Fluid Inside system itself is actually made with fluid infused impact foam, this fluid disperses on a hard impact and the foam compresses to offer a cushioning effect without twisting or gripping the head in any way.


Bike companies love acronyms don’t they? Well Fox are no different MVRS stands for Magnetic Visor Release System. So sticking with the crashing theme, as it is a helmet after all, Fox have added a removable visor, held in place with three strong magnets so this thing is not going anywhere until you hit the dirt. And the reason for this is simply those awful over the bar crashes that result in a scorpion face plant, a visor can catch the floor and push the helmet backwards putting an awful amount of pressure on your spine and if you are lucky a bad case of whiplash, if you are unlucky a displaced disc. So to take the risk away completely fox have made a breakaway visor that won’t get destroyed on impact.

Varizorb EPS

Using pockets of expanded polystyrene in vital areas of the helmet where an impact is most likely to occur, means that the user has another level of protection in the form of crumple zones. Fox call these crumple zones Varizorb and have gone to great lengths to make sure they use the most appropriate material and formation to offer the ultimate amount of protection. Now we have covered the protective side of the helmet let’s take a look at the other features namely the ventilation and padding.

Injected Mesh Ultra-Ventilated Design

Strategically placed vents give you unparalleled levels of cooling in all weather, think of it as climate control for your helmet, these vents are reinforced and injection moulded to the helmets shell so have no fear about branches or stones making their way past those vents into your face. Not that you would have been, but I bet you are thinking about it now. These vents are also super light keeping the carbon helmet at a very respectable 1kg or there about depending on the shell size.

Shells And Liner

The helmet comes in three shell sizes to suit everyone’s head size, but you can also tweak the fit a little more with the pads and liners that are available. These liners are 3D moulded and are made with X-static anti-microbial materials keeping that helmet stench at bay for a little longer. The liner also wicks away the moisture from your skin, of course it can’t work miracles but like Merino wool you will be surprised how long you can sweat in it before it starts to hum. So that is what the new Rampage Pro Carbon 2019 has to offer and is available from today, but be quick if you want to be one of the first people in the UK to won one as we have limited amounts on launch day.

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