Specialized Kenevo 2020

Specialized Kenevo 2020

Specialized Kenevo 2020

The brand new Kenevo 2020 is a bike built for downhill, this much is undisputed with 180mm of suspension front and rear on both models the Kenevo 2020 is built for tackling the trails while descending at speed. What sets the Kenevo apart from other E- bike offerings is the powerful Brose 2.1 motor RX that is custom tuned to this bike.

Although there are two separate models the Expert and The Comp with a price point that reflects that the two models have the same frame, motor and software. This motor manages to push out a nominal of 250W without the clunky pull feel that older motors suffered from, the new motor offers a smooth natural transition into assisted pedalling. To put it into a percentage the motor amplifies the rider input by 410% a big improvement for something that is 15% smaller and 11% lighter than the previous generation.

The frame is made from premium M5 aluminium and runs on 650b wheels, features enclosed internal cabling and 148mm boost spacing for a stiff and responsive ride feel. The whole suspension system runs on fully sealed bearings aimed at giving the bike a long and creak free life.

In terms of battery power for the new Kenevo range both feature an integrated battery into the downtube which can be accessed in seconds with a hex key. The Expert version has a 700Wh battery capacity increasing the range by 40% over previous batteries and the Comp has a smaller but still just as capable 500Wh battery. These batteries are not just there to power the motor they actually provide the Kenevo with an ideal weight distribution for even better handling.

The on board Battery Management System (BMS) regulates battery health, protects from overcharging and ensures that as many miles as possible are available through its lifetime. There is also a handy little charging port at the bottom bracket area of the bike so there is no need to remove the battery for charging purposes.

The all new Kenevo is even smarter and better connected than before, the centre of the top tube contains the brain of the beast the TCU turbo connect unit. This piece of technology allows the bike to connect to a mobile phone or other device via ANT+ and Bluetooth and more importantly to the Specialised mission control app. The latest version of which sees it become more user intuitive allowing them to easily customise motor characteristics to compliment personal ride preferences. The system can also monitor power use, control range, perform basic system diagnoses and record and upload rides plus more.

Two innovative features found on the Kenevo and accessed through the mission control app are first of all Smart control which eliminates the risk of ever running out of power in the middle of a ride. Allowing the user to set a duration or distance they would like to ride, the Kenevo will automatically regulate the power output through a smart algorithm that seamlessly operates at all times. Secondly the new shuttle mode feature allows riders to access maximum motor support on long painful climbs, perfect for days when a shuttle service would usually be called for. 

Both of these fantastic models are available on our website and in our E -bike show rooms.

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