Haibike Flyon System & E-bike Range

Haibike Flyon System & E-bike Range

Haibike Flyon System & E-bike Range

Haibike is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric bikes. and they have announced the launch of their brand new motor system for 2019. All 2019 bikes equipped with this new motor and battery system fall under the umbrella Flyon range. 

This new motor system is unique to Haibike and is produced by the company TQ who made their name making motors for modern satellites. On turning their hand to E-Bike motors, they have created something very impressive indeed. 

The TQ HPR120s mid drive motor found in the Flyon offers a massive 120Nm of torque making it one of the most powerful street legal motors on the market. To put this into perspective, top of the line Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha motors give only 70 to 85Nm. 

Whilst other motors struggle to stay over 15 km/h on steep climbs, the HPR 120S motor with 120 Nm of torque keeps you at a steady 25 km/h in the new XTREME mode. 

Thanks to the 48v battery system with a capacity of 650Wh, working alongside the motor, you can see why they named it the Flyon. 

Another cool feature of these bikes is the integrated light system. Some bikes will come with this as standard, others will have a designated space for it on the frame but will need to be a separate purchase. The front light is a massive 5000 lumens and runs off the motor system making it perfect for hitting the trails at night for a bit of night riding. 

Flyon is used across the range and these models are categorised within four different disciplines which are NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL and ADVENTR, so let’s look a little further into them below. 


Haibike XDURO NDURO 10.00 Haibike XDURO NDURO 8.0 Haibike XDURO NDURO 5.0 

The Enduro range from Haibike as the name suggests has 180mm of travel and Enduro focused geometry. All the frames are carbon in the NDURO range keeping the weight lower and allowing the frames to be moulded to fit the motor exactly. 

The range also includes a flip-chip so you can customise the bikes geometry and find the most comfortable setup for your riding style. 


Haibike XDURO ALLMTN 10.0 Haibike XDURO ALLMTN 8.0 Haibike XDURO ALLMTN 5.0 

Sharing the same HPR 120S motors as its bigger brother, the ALLMTN range is designed for tackling a variety of trails and all day fun. Another interesting feature of the 2019 range is the wheel size, using different wheel sizes front and rear is nothing new it has been done many times before even by some big name brands. In the case of the ALLMTN, you get a 29” tyre on the front and a 650b+ tyre on the rear, the reason? Precision and traction - the big front wheel give great rollover comfort and the rear tyre gives the bike's 120Nm the traction it needs to tackle the steepest climbs. 

Also featuring the flip-chip and a carbon fibre frame the ALLMTN has a nimble 150mm of suspension and the same long lasting 630Wh in-tube battery. 



The two bikes in the ALLTRAIL range are both hardtails and designed to be fantastic all-rounders that can be used to explore off the beaten track. With 140mm of front suspension and plus-size tyres that assist in the plush feel especially on a hardtail - it is nice to get some cushioning from high volume tyres. 

The HPR 120's motor offers five assistance levels so you can always find your perfect cadence no matter what trail surface you are riding or how steep it gets. 

An integrated headlight and twin taillights that run off the motor means you no longer need to worry about being stuck out after dark either. 


Haibike XDURO ADVENTR 6.0 Haibike XDURO ADVENTR 5.0 

The final pair of brand new bikes featuring the Flyon system is the ADVENTR series. 

These bikes are designed for the more practical rider with built in lights front and rear again running off the motor but also full length mudguards and an integrated pannier rack. 

The carbon frame keeps everything light weight while the 120mm forks take the sting out of any rough trail. Practicality meets off-road capability with the new ADVENTR series. 

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