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Continental GP5000

Continental GP5000

Continental GP5000

For many years the Continental GP4000 has been the tyre of choice for competitive cyclists, professional and amateur alike. Incredible grip combined with great rolling resistance and puncture proofing, the GP4000 was worth paying that little bit extra for. It seemed that Continental had found the perfect tyre for road cycling, especially at a competitive level, a tyre that would be unbeatable and very difficult, if not impossible to improve. Continental, however, have not rested on their laurels. Their new, improved offering sports the ingenious branding… GP5000, who’d have guessed?

The new GP5000 comes in two versions, one of which is the TL (tubeless) and the other, not tubeless (a standard clincher), with sizes from 23mm to 32mm. As with the GP4000, the new version is still handmade in Germany using the same BlackChili Compound. This is manufactured only in Germany using the latest polymers combined with specially developed carbon black particles. BlackChili still offers the best balance of grip and rolling resistance as proven, both in testing in the lab and on the road.

As well as superb performance the GP5000 also offers, what Continental call, Active Comfort. This technology is part of the tyre construction and assists with reducing road vibrations, giving the rider a smoother ride, and smoother also means faster.

Continental’s Lazer grip expands their micro profile structure over the tyre’s shoulder. This equates to incredible cornering. And as we all know, the more confident you are at cornering, the more speed you take into and out of the corner.

Another element of Continental’s GP range is their puncture resistance technology, Vectran. This high-tech fibre (like spider silk) is a liquid-crystalline polymer, spun from melted liquid Vectra and processed into a multi-strand thread. Like spider silk, Vectran is incredibly resistant to tears and is very light. This layer of puncture resistance is more flexible, protecting much better against cuts than a nylon breaker while having little effect on rolling resistance.

So how does the GP5000 differ from the GP4000? Well according to Continental, the new version offers 12% better rolling resistance, 20% better puncture protection and, for a (25-622) is 10g lighter with improved comfort, compared to the GP4000 S II

The new addition to the GP series is the 5000 TL. This tubeless version has been specifically designed for the demands of road cycling. It is both reliable and easy to install with tubeless beads that seal due to its unique shape, providing stable fitting on the rim. When combined with the Continental RevoSealant, Continental claim even better rolling resistance (5%) and puncture proofing (5%) over the GP5000 non-tubeless version.

So there you have it, Continental has taken one of the best road tyres and made it even better. For those of you who are concerned with marginal gains and consider the additional cost an investment, the new GP5000 has to be the tyre for you.

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