Bianchi T-Tronik Full-Suspension e-bikes

Bianchi T-Tronik Full-Suspension e-bikes

Bianchi T-Tronik Full-Suspension e-bikes

One of the oldest (if not the oldest) bike manufacturers in the world has fully embraced the latest technology and are now offering two full-suspension mountain bikes, the T-Tronik Performer and T-Tronik Rebel. 

The T-Tronik Performer has to be one of the most stylish mountain bikes power asssisted or otherwise (it is Italian after all). This e-bike out-styles many full-suspension mountain bikes out there, e-bike or standard MTB. The carbon frame is full of Italian beauty but that’s not all. Bianchi has chosen carbon to keep the weight low and to increase stiffness. 

Up front the T-Tronik offers 150/160mm travel and 140mm at the rear enabling this crafted Italian work of art to take on the gnarliest, toughest trails. For strength and reliability, the rear triangle is aluminium, giving you a dependable yet exciting bike for a full day’

T-Tronik Performer Black/Celeste
T-Tronik Performer Black/Grey

To keep you going throughout the ride, the T-Tronik Performer is built around the Shimano Steps E8000 motor with an internal 630Wh battery. Offering three levels of assistance the T-Tronik Performer is ready for whatever you decide to throw at it (a thing of such beauty should have roses thrown at it) but mud, rocks, and roots are more likely.

Obviously with a bike of such quality you want the very best in style and spec. The T-Tronik Performer’s three colourways - black/grey, black/Celeste (that’d be my choice with it being a Bianchi) or black/red is understated and adds to the overall classy look of the ensemble. The three models - 9.1, 9.2 and, you guessed it, 9.3 are spec’d accordingly. The 9.1 boasts X01 Eagle 12 speed drivetrain, Fox 36 Float 29” Factory Forks, and Fox Float DPS Factory shock. The 9.2 is spec’d with Shimano XT 12 speed and again is equipped with Fox 36 Float forks and shock. The Performer 9.3 is spec’d with XT/SLX 12 speed with RockShox Yari RC forks and Fox float DPS rear shock. 

With a Boost 148 rear hub the T-Tronik Performer promises increased wheel stiffness and durability along with increased riding efficiency giving you, the rider, more handling precision. It also improves the frame geometry giving each model shorter chain stays and more clearance for bigger tyres. 

Each T-Tronik Performer model is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disk braking to ensure that when it comes to shredding the downhill trails, full control is at your fingertips. And with the powerful Steps E8000 motor and large 630Wh internal battery you can enjoy the climb back up, rather than endure it, and do it all over again!

T-Tronik Rebel Black/Celeste
T-Tronik Rebel Black/Grey

The other new e-bike MTB model from Bianchi is the Rebel. Another full-suspension offering again with a large, internal 630Wh battery powering a Bianchi central motor unit with five assistance levels. The T-Tronik Rebel has a full aluminium frame but still offers, 140/150mm front travel, 140mm rear, 148 Boost rear hub, and looks that are sure to turn heads, just like it’s carbon sibling. There are two options, the 9.1 and 9.2. The Rebel 9.1 is fitted with Fox 34 Float 29” Rhythm forks and Fox Float DPS shock with Shimano NX/SX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain while the Rebel 9.2 is fitted with RockShox Recon RL Solo air forks and RockShox Deluxe Select RL shock but still shares the same drivetrain. And when it comes to shaving off some speed, you can always rely on the Shimano Hydraulic braking system on both models.

Whichever models you choose the new T-Tronik bikes are built for confident, exciting and long trail rides. Bikes that will get your heart racing with adrenaline on the fast descents and with the powerful motors and large batteries, keep your pulse steady on those long technical climbs. They look the business and promise to do the business. They are bikes for riders who want to go harder and further for longer.

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