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Junior Bikes

We want to help you get the right bike for your little one.

Balance Bikes 2- 5 Years

Balance or runner bikes are one of the best ways to introduce kids to cycling. Kids learn at their own pace. they can easily keep their balance using their feet whilst learning the fundamentals of steering and two wheel balance. The bikes are sturdy, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Brakeless: Brakeless balance bikes are perfectly safe kids can stop and control their speed easily enough with their feet and for the most part this will feel more natural to them.

Dual brake systems: Some balance bikes come with brakes to help get children used to using them before they start to pedal. Making the transition from a balance bike to a pedal cycle easier and quicker. Suitable for ages 2-5 85 – 110cm

2-5 Years 12" -14" Wheel

12" Wheel

The smallest bikes with conventional pedals. These bikes are great fun and the best way to introduce children to cycling. 12 inch kids bikes are usually single speed with either a single brake and a pedal back system or alternatively both front and rear brakes. There are advantages to both systems

Pedal back brakes: Smaller hands can struggle to reach bicycle brakes and use them effectively. a pedal bake brake allows your child to stop using intuitive pedal braking.

Dual brake systems: Dual brake systems can be adjusted to allow the rider (however small) to reach the levers. conventional brakes on the handlebars let young riders get used to braking from the start. Consider a bike with dual brakes if your child has issues pedalling forward.

Suitable for ages 2-4
85 – 100cm

14" Wheel

14 inch wheels are suitable for Children between 95 – 110cm tall or 3-5 years. and are designed to be a first bike or as a transition from a runner bike.

Suitable for ages 3-5
95 – 110cm

5 - 8 Years 16" -18" Wheel

16" Wheel

This size one of the most popular kids bike sizes and is right in the middle of single speed sizes. The larger wheels roll more efficiently than 14 inch wheel bikes.

Suitable for ages 5-7
110 – 120cm

18" Wheel

These bikes are the biggest bikes that are conventionally supplied with a single gear. The larger wheels roll more efficiently than 16 inch wheel bikes.

Suitable for ages 6-8
115 – 125cm

8-11 Years 20" -24" Wheel

20" Wheel

20 inch wheeled bikes are the first size of kids bike that commonly include a rear mech and gears these bikes can also include front suspension. Single speed: Some 20 inch wheel bikes are supplied with a single speed rear sprocket. This is to suit riders who might not be confident using gears just yet or simply if your little one are a little too rough with their bike. although most 20inch bikes come with a gear guard to protect the moving components from knocks and bumps

Geared: For the most part 20 inch wheel bikes are supplied with gear systems. usually 5-6 speed this helps introduce young riders to the gear combinations on future bikes. Riders at this age can start to go over more varied terrain and gears help hugely with the change in gradients.

Suitable for ages 8-9
120 – 135cm

24" Wheel

This is the biggest conventional children’s bike although the wheels are only 2 inch smaller than a conventional 26 inch mountain bikes, however the frames are specifically designed to allow lower stand over height. The main advantage of this size is that bigger wheels roll more efficiently. 24 inch wheel bikes usually have a front and rear mech that give a wider range of gear combinations and better efficiency over distance.

Suitable for ages 9-11
135 – 145cm

11 Years Plus 26" Wheel

26" Wheel

Adults bikes come in small sizes too. If your child is growing out of a 24 inch wheel bike consider a small frame 26 inch wheel mountain bike.

Pedal back brakes: V-Brake’s are a strong light brake system and due to their position on the outside of the wheel they have a lot of leverage and stopping power.

Dual brake systems: Disc brake systems are popular due to great efficiency and heat dispersion. They are out of the way of grime and dirt from the tyre and disperse heat really well. The brakes position in the centre of the wheel means that the brakes performance won’t be effected by any wheel buckle.

Suitable for ages 11+ 145cm+

11 Years + Road Bikes 600c Wheel

Junior Road Bikes - 600c Wheel

Is your youngster slightly too small for a full sized road bike? Maybe a 650C bike is the option. Bikes with this wheel size can be used to introduce kids to road cycling. Or simply as an alternative to the traditional mountain bike style children’s bike

Suitable for ages 11+