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About Haibike

Only a few years after being introduced to the market, the Haibike ebikes have shaped a completely new genre and a newly founded ebike mountain and road bike genre. Since their introduction to the public 2010 Haibike have been hard at work developing and refining their ebike range adding new models along the way.

For the 2017 model year range Haibike have compiled the world's most comprehensive e-Performance range of bicycles. They have greatly improved the choice and quality of products in their line-up.

German Made

    Most manufacturers start with a frame then modify it to fit the specified motor system and to meet the demands of ebiking. Haibike flipped this principle around completely, Bringing in manufacturing processes from the motorcycle industry such as gravity casting to build the perfect platform for the desired motor system

    The result of all this development? A bicycle that is handles in a predictable manner, and a stunningly simple frame design that does Haibike a lot of justice.

Why We Chose Haibike

Je James cycles have always had a great working relationship with Haibike since their infancy with e-biking. Their passion for the new sport and their extensive product knowledge meant they were a hit with the guys and girls in the shop right away.

Simply put the product support from Haibike makes them easy to work with. Problems get solved quickly and efficiently meaning the customer gets to spend more time on the bike, winner.