In 1972 king liu and tony lo started producing bicycles in taiwan for some of the world’s top cycling brands. In 1981 the company introduced the giant brand, manufacturing the first giant bikes for sale in taiwan with distribution to europe, north america and other nations soon after.


Founded in 1972 in the Far East, Giant bikes have fast become one of the biggest and most loved bike brands in the world. In the early days, Giant made frames and parts for other bike manufacturers, before going on to build their own range of bikes. From the very start, their innovation and manufacturing expertise has set them apart from other brands. This has allowed more people to get involved with cycling in a whole new way. Inspiring part and full-time riders by making top quality bikes at competitive prices.


Since manufacturing their first light weight alloy frames, Giant have made progress in the production of carbon and alloy frame engineering. Over the past 40 years, Giant has grown beyond its roots to become a world leader in top quality bicycles and equipment with over 12,000 Giant retailers worldwide.


Giant made the first affordable carbon bike; the Cadex 980 C, and Giant's Maestro Suspension started a whole new level in mountain biking. Giant bikes have won world championships as well as many design awards and are showing their commitment to the progress in the world of women’s cycling with the hugely popular Liv brand. Liv now has a wide range of products designed for women by women. From clothing to bike parts and bicycles, Liv brings top products to women cyclists in a way that no other brand has succeeded. The Liv brand won the 2015 Bike Biz brand of the year award.



Giant’s Advanced SL Composite Technology offers one of the stiffest and lightest frames currently in production. Giant continue to develop their range of composite framed bikes with the Advanced Composite offering affordability to a stiff, light and compliant frame. With a balanced blend of comfort and low weight, CoMax Composite Technology framesets are built and tuned to deliver the ultimate cycling experience for sport and fitness riders. The Giant ALUXX range of bikes offers three grades of quality aluminium, ALUXX, ALUXX SL and the lightest ALUXX SLR which features the highest strength-to-weight ratios, most advanced forming methods, and unique welding techniques


In the late 1990s Giant pioneered a radical new frame shape to give its professional road racers a competitive edge. Driven by a desire to create lighter and faster bikes, Giant's Compact Road Design changed the look—and the performance capabilities—of competitive road bikes forever. Now, 19 years later, Compact Road Design is still the standard in high-performance bikes. The concept is simple: A top-tube that slopes downward from the head-tube to the seat-tube reduces the size of the front and rear triangles. Smaller triangles create a lighter, stiffer bike. Whatever the frame material, aluminium or composite, Compact Road Design improves the ride.


Maestro Suspension Technology includes: Pedalling Efficiency: Whether you’re sprinting up a climb or coasting through a rock garden, Maestro Suspension performs consistently under pedalling power and doesn’t compromise efficiency. Complete Suspension Activity: From high-frequency trail vibrations to heavy-hitting compressions, Maestro Suspension soaks up the full spectrum of trail impacts. Total Brake Independence: Even under full braking force, Maestro Suspension remains fully active and reactive.

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