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Frog is a UK based children’s bike manufacturer whose prime objective is to build lightweight and robust bikes for young cyclists. Frog believe that lighter bikes are easier to ride and handle, giving your young cyclist more confidence and enjoyment. The bikes are sold by many independent bike stores in the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, South Africa, and Japan and in 2015 Frog bikes were the proud winners of the Start-ups Awards - Export Business of the Year.


Frog recently released a range of road and track bikes and with Team Sky in partnership, offering a range of bikes and accessories with the Team Sky branding. For 2016 they also launched a Union Flag range with Joanna Rowsell.


With the assistance of Brunel University, Frog continue to develop and improve their range of bikes and from 2016 the bikes will be assembled in South Wales, helping to reduce their environmental footprint and create more employment for the local community.



Frog bikes are built from quality, strong and lightweight aluminium ensuring these bikes are responsive and easy to handle.


Quality components with much thought given to the smaller rider including brake levers and shifters that little hands find easy to use.


The unique crank design, by Dimitris Katsanis (Team GB) ensures a shorter distance between the pedals. This unique Q-factor helps put more power down directly when pedalling, giving more motion for less effort.

Why Frog?

With an excellent range of bikes in a variety of styles and designs, you are sure to find a Frog bike ideally suited for your budding champion. Frogs quality, lightweight bikes also hold their value very well and when the sad day comes when your youngster is a little too large for their Frog, selling the bike shouldn’t be an issue, helping you to move them onto the next size up.


Choosing the right size bike for the young cyclist can sometimes be difficult to get right. Ensuring the bike fits, enables the rider to handle the bike better and with more confidence. Frog includes a minimum inside leg measurement in the name of the bike, Frog 43, for example. An accurate measurement of your child’s inside leg ensures you get the best fitting bike. No other bike manufacturer makes it so simple.