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Focus Electric Bikes

“It rides like a mountain bike”

The interplay of perfectly coordinated components turns Focus SQUARED models JAM² and BOLD² into electric mountain bikes that meet all the requirements expected of real trail bikes. After all, the bikes have the same DNA as their “classic” brothers, JAM and BOLD. A low centre of gravity, trail-oriented handling and sufficient ground clearance ensure superb ride characteristics. FOCUS engineers have implemented a geometry equivalent to that of a mountain bike without a drive for the new JAM² and BOLD² E-MTB generation.

The result is perfect handling on the trail thanks to a short chain stay. The narrow Q factor (175 mm) ensures efficient pedalling, just like a mountain bike without a drive. And on unsupported rides, there’s no noticeable resistance.

Jam2 Squared Experience

    Your gaze scans the horizon. The true heart of mountain biking, the endless trails, challenging climbs and unspoilt nature are what drive you. Our all-mountain JAM supports your attempt to the summit, and dishes up an extra portion of performance on the descents, cementing an unashamedly broad grin on your face. For you and your JAM, no mountain is too high.

    Flying into corners and shooting out. A cloud of dust, the only trace you were ever there. This is trail surfing deluxe. Drifting through turns, then getting the gas on. Where to? The summit, the top of the descent. But why limit the fun to the descent? Our mountain bikes with integrated pedal-assist render the entire ride a virtual descent. Conquering the mountain, reinterpreting in the art of climbing with more flow.

Focus Optimised Linkage Design

With the new generation of SHIMANO STEPS MTB motors, it’s also possible to apply the exact same kinematics as on Focus mountain bikes have, without any need for an additional drive.

The small motor with its small casing leaves sufficient space for our F.O.L.D. (FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN) kinematics. The JAM² therefore has the same core as its classic brother, JAM.