Emu bikes were formed in 2014 and are backed by uk company, delbanco meyer who have an 80 year history of creating innovative, consumer products. Their aim - to bring value and style to the electric bike market whilst offering a new sense of freedom and fun.


All Emu bikes have a unique design that has been researched and specified by UK and European experts and come with a 2-year warranty and nationwide back up. The Emu is one of the highest quality, value electric bikes available and is manufactured with a heat-treated, anti-corrosive, aluminum frame, fitted with Shimano brakes and gears. The patented in-frame battery utilises a Samsung battery with smart management cell system. Each bike benefits from puncture-resistant tyres, integrated lights powered from the controller. The Step Through and Cross Bar model is also fitted with a USB port. And for added convenience, an integrated bell, chain guard and a comfortable saddle are fitted to each model. Emu pride themselves on their attention to detail.


Emu’s retro frame and design features complement their attention to detail. So if you’re wanting a bike that looks as good and it is fun to ride, look no further. Emu’s use of a Samsung in-frame integrated battery - this not only adds to the looks but also the ride quality. There’s a choice of four eye-catching colours with a range of carefully chosen accessories. This ensures you always have a smile on your face when riding.


With just one charge the Emu’s battery will give you a range of 30-80km. There’s a choice of a 10.4Ah or 14.5Ah battery. The step through and cross bar model has 5 power settings with 3 for the Mini and each offers superb acceleration. Select the power assistance you need ensuring you decide how much exercise you get. Emu bikes give you the chance to move around cities or the countryside with ease. And when you need to re-charge, the removable quick-charging battery can be unlocked and charged in your home or office from a regular mains socket - leaving you safe to lock up your Emu outside (if need be)



Emu bikes are fitted with the Shimano Nexus hub gear system. Hub gearing can give significant advantages over derailleur gear system including the ability to change gear even when not in motion - very useful at traffic lights when you want to select a lower gear for a quicker start. There’s also less chance of dropping the chain and hub gears last longer than traditional derailleur gearing, as they are all encased and not subject to the elements and are much cleaner!


Both the Step Through and Crossbar models have USB charging. This gives you the option to charge your smartphone as you cycle. The benefit of using your smartphone with your Emu gives you navigation options for guiding you round the highways and byways - whether riding in the city, across town or venturing into the countryside.


The Emu range of bikes are fitted with a powerful 250W front hub motor. Having the motor at the front gives the cyclist a balanced ride with pedaling providing a push at the rear and the motor a pull from the front. Both the Step Through and Crossbar models come with Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub gear to give a wide range of gears suitable for most terrains. The Emu mini is fitted with a Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub gear for town and city mobility.

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