As an employer, there are many benefits to be gained from offering a cycle to work scheme, both directly and indirectly. Straight away your organisation will save money from reduced National Insurance payments, and you’ll also have more car parking spaces available. Your employees will generally experience:

A healthier lifestyle.

Improved mental wellbeing.

A ready-to-work attitude.

Punctual attendance.

All of these will surely make a happier workplace for everyone in your organisation and improve staff retention.  And don’t forget about all the environmental benefits too.  With all these positive benefits from cycling to work, you will have lots to support your action on corporate social responsibility.


With the government's changes to the cycle to work scheme policy, you can be sure that you’re offering a cycle to work scheme for all your employees, regardless of their mobility. This means that disabled employees, as well as those with mobility issues, can get specialist or adapted cycles through the scheme. These cycles can cost in region of £3,000 so with no £1,000 spending limit this means bikes can be acquired, and no longer do employers have to exclude, or make alternative arrangements, for disadvantaged employees.