Here we have condensed the most commonly asked questions asked by employees when ordering a new bike and / or
accessories through the cycle to work scheme.

Before You Place Your Order

Can I get a cycle to work voucher from my employer?

Anybody who earns a salary via Pay As You Earn can participate in a government backed cycle to work scheme. The amount you can spend through cycle to work is determined by your gross pay. If your employer does not currently had a cycle to work scheme available, please contact us.

How Much Can I Spend?

The limit to how much you can spend on Cycle to Work is set by your employer. Your earning will also affect how much you can spend, because salary sacrifice schemes are not allowed to drop your gross pay below the national minimum wage. We would recommend speaking to your employer about your spending limit directly.

What Cycle To Work Vouchers Do JE James Cycles Accept?

We accept vouchers from most national schemes including:

Cycling to work is fun, plain and simple.

Cycling to work is good for you.

Cycling to work makes you happier.

Cycling to work increases brain power.

Cycling to work saves you money.

Cycling to work increases your fresh air consumption.

Cycling to work creates more fresh air for others.

ACT Approved and endorsed. 

Get in touch if you need more information on any cycle to work enquiry, we are happy to help. Click the mail link to contact us directly, or find your nearest store contact details.

If you would like to process a voucher that is not listed, please contact us to see if we accept vouchers from your organisation’s scheme.

Can I Top Up My Voucher?

Topping up used to be accepted; sadly you are no longer allowed to top up cycle to work scheme orders with your own money. If you wish to purchase anything outside of your voucher total this is fine.

My Employer Does Not Hav A Cycle To Work Scheme, Can You Help?

If the company you work for does not have a cycle to work process in place, please speak to the person or department responsible to see if this is something they can set up. If you would like our help on this please just get in touch and we will happily liaise with your employer regarding the schemes available, and why it is a great thing to give access too for employees.

Can JE James Cycles Give Me A Cycle To Work Quote?

With certain schemes there is no need to have a quote, the amount that you would like to spend is adequate. You can get this by simply adding qualifying items to your cart and totalling them up. If your scheme provider or employer would like a quote, simply create an account with JE James Cycles online, login, add items to cart, you will see our handy SAVE AS QUOTE option. Follow the on screen process to then Email & Download Your Quote. Your cart will be saved via the link we send to you in an email, but please note at this point products are not reserved for you.

When You Have Placed Your Order

How Much Will I Save With The Cycle To Work Scheme?

How much you save will be determined by your earning and how much tax you normally pay. A guide for a basic rate taxpayer is they will save 32%, and a higher rate taxpayer 42%.

View our Green Commute Initiative Cycle to Work calculator online to see how much you can save.

We recommend you liaise directly with your employer and ask them to calculate your exact savings.

Are Sale Items Accepted Through Cycle To Work with JE James Cycles?

Yes, you can use your Cycle to Work voucher on any discounted or nearly new bike as well as eligible accessories.

Does the JE James Cycles Price Match Policy Apply On Items Purchased with The Cycle To Work Scheme?

Sadly you cannot price match items on cycle to work orders.

Am I Restricted To Purchasing One Bike With My Cycle To Work Voucher?

You can buy multiple bikes as long as they are used for commuting and the total does not exceed your Cycle To Work Voucher total.

After You Have Placed Your Order

When Do I Start Making Payments?

Normally your first payment will be taken from your salary period after you have completed your hire agreement with your employer.

Who Owns The Bicycle When I Use A Cycle To Work Voucher To Buy My Bike?

Your employer owns the bike and equipment, and you hire it. The company you work for buys the bike and equipment and they lease it to you through an interest-free salary sacrifice scheme. You make savings on tax and national insurance when the cost of your items is deducted from your salary as a non-cash benefit.

What Happens If My Cycle To Work Scheme Purchase Bike Is Stolen?

The recommendation here is to get your new bike insured. If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to continue to make your monthly payments until the end of your agreement. You are the person responsible, so please consider taking preventative measures in case of damage or theft.

It Is The End Of The Cycle To Work Hire Agreement, What Now?

Option 1: You can return the bike.

Option 2: You immediately take ownership of your bike and pay a fee. Please liaise with your employer directly and ask them to confirm what the end of hire agreement fee is.

Option 3: You can extend your hire agreement, again liaise with your employer directly and ask them to confirm what the extension fee is, how long the extension is, and what options are available to you after the extension period.

I Want To Leave My Job, What Options Do I Have?

If you leave the company you currently work for during your agreement, the balance remaining will be repaid from your final net salary. Speak to your employer directly about this situation. Sadly you will no longer benefit from the TAX and National Insurance savings available on the purchase.

Please note - We may include an additional surcharge, depending on the cycle to work provider used to purchase your order (paid separately to your order).