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Electric bikes..Everything you need to know.

E-Bikes A Quick Guide

E bikes have taken over the bicycle market in a big way and are evolving every year, getting lighter, more features and increased ability to run for longer. So it is hard to keep up, luckily we have a simple guide for E bikes readily available.

Focus Jam2

The Focus Jam2 blends the sleek look of a regular mountain bike with the benefit of an electric motor. With a host of great features including T.E.C and F.OL.D. suspension system, this bike is perfect for people who want to hit the trails and not the uplifts.

Bosch eMTB

The new eMTB mode offers improved starting on any terrain and is particularly handy on those steep hill starts. With the development of the motor’s 75 newton metre maximum torque, Bosch have developed what they call “Uphill Flow”.

E-bikes Explained - Interview with a E-bike Guru

In this interview we speak with Jon Hall, Operations Manager for J E James Cycles about the ever growing e-bike market. Jon will discuss the basics, describing what exactly an e-bike is with details on how far the bikes can travel, maximum assisted speed, battery life, and motor power output.

Wisper bikes in focus

As a founding member of the British Electric Bicycle Association, UK based Wisper Bikes have been developing and producing quality, affordable eBikes for the leisure market for the past twelve years.

Kalkhoff Who?

Although the name has only more recently appeared on the UK bike scene, Kalkhoff is a very familiar bike brand within continental Europe and has become a very successful part of the Derby Cycle Corporation since its acquisition back in 1989. Heinrich Kalkhoff first started trading in bike parts in 1919 moving on to buying and selling used bikes.

Turbo Levo FSR TLD Review

Given the opportunity to take the Levo home for the weekend, I jumped at the chance. Being predominantly a road rider with family commitments, I get very few chances to get out on a mountain bike but was told this E-bike would be great fun.

Staff Review: Focus Jam2

Recently given the opportunity to test ride the Focus JAM2 I found myself grinning from ear to ear. With an experience gained from years of road riding and with very little off-road riding experience I was reluctant to sign up for the 40km, technical group ride on offer

Electric Bikes Explained

If you want to hit the trails then the MTB but keep an element of pedal efficiency for the daily commute then a front suspension would be the obvious choice. The majority will be crank motors with the battery centrally mounted on the down tube for stability with a high motor torque.

E-Bikes... FAQ

The development of Electric bikes over the past few years has led to some very impressive models by most of the major bike manufacturers. The choice of full suspension and hard-tail mountain bikes, city, hybrid and road bikes is immense.