JE James Cycles - Club Kit Scheme

For many cycling clubs, replacing or renewing their kit can be tiresome and costly. Depending on the kit provider, a minimum order is required and sizing is often an issue. For a club to stock a range of jerseys, shorts, tights etc is unfeasible for a variety of reasons, with financial outlay being a major concern.

New clubs may also need assistance with designing their new kit and long standing clubs may want to refresh their existing kit or re-invent their look. JE James Cycles started their club kit scheme with local cycling club Rotherham Wheelers. Their existing kit was re-vamped and a selection of new designs was offered, allowing the club members to select the one they preferred, before going into production.

Once a design has been agreed the club can choose the items they need (shorts, tights, jerseys, gilets etc) agreeing a selection of sizes. JE James Cycles will then have the kit produced and stocked at one of our retail stores without any initial outlay from the club (the kit design will incorporate the JE James Cycles logo).

For cycling clubs close enough to one of our three stores, the ability to try the kit before purchasing is a great positive, ensuring each club member has the chance to get their kit without waiting (subject to size availability).

If the club wishes, a kit launch event can be arranged with members attending to try out the items on offer. The full range of kit is also created for sale on our website which ensures the scheme is available to all cycling clubs (mountain or road) nationwide. So if you’re a new club just getting started or an existing club wanting new kit why not get in touch and see if the JE James Cycles Kit Scheme can work for you.