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Commuting On A Mountain Bike

What bike is right for you? Well usually we say the one you are most comfortable on, but if you want to try something new or are bike curious, here are a few reasons to consider mountain bikes.

Commuting On A Road Bike

What bike is right for you? Well usually we say the one you are most comfortable on, but if you want to try something new or are bike curious, here are a few reasons to consider road bikes.

Recovering From A Commute

New commuters will feel it in the morning, so fight the fatigue by trying some of these handy tips and recover faster

Commuter Christmas Wish Blog

Take those top ten commuter gift blogs out of here, this is a blog about wishes not commodities. As a some-time cycle commuter these are my top ten commuting Christmas wishes.

Commuting - New Years Resolutions

New Year resolutions have become a tradition in the UK, and commuting by bike is a great pledge to make, but if you already commmute then here are a few ideas that combine commuting with a new goal to work towards in 2019.

Winter Commuting A Survival Guide

Winter is here and the temptation to go back to the warmth of the car or bus is strong, but have a read of this guide on how to best prepare for winter commuting.

Commuting And Transporting

One of the things you miss most about a car commute is the extra luggage space. Luckily there are a few modifications you can make to your commuter that will allow you to carry a lot more than you first thought.

Fuelling A Commute

Extra exercise to and from work means you may get a case of the munchies. In this blog we look at the best ways to tackle your commute with the cleanest fuel there is,food!

Commuter Starter Kit

Here are the essential pieces of equipment that commuters need from the start. Find out what they are in the blog above.

Commuter Clothing - What To Wear

Now you have got the bike sorted it is time to look at what to wear on your commute, check the blog for a few hints and suggestions.

Commuter proof your bike

Any bike can become a commuter bike, but there are a few modifications you can do to make your bike a true commuting machine that will serve you well mile after mile.

Commuting On An E-Bike

Thinking about commuting to work by bike but the distance is just a little bit much? or maybe work does not have wash facilities. A commute is still possible on an E Bike, read about all the benefits of an electric commute.

Love To Ride Cycle September

Why not turn your commute into a chance to win prizes? Or maybe a little competition is the boost you need to commute more? Whatever your reasons Love To Ride is here to make your commute more enjoyable and help promote cycling to work in a friendly and fun way.

Commuting With Kids

Spend more quality time with the kids and travel to work with a smile on your face, just some of the benefits of adding the school run to your cycle commute

Folding Bikes For Commuting

Often overlooked as a great commuting option by riders outside of large cities, there are multiple reasons to go for a folding bike as this blog will show.

First Time Commuter

With National Cycle To Work Day on Wednesday there is no better time to give commuting by bike a try. For those who are unsure of what to take or are new to commuting, we have put together a quick guide using information gathered from our very own commuters here at Je James cycles.

Queen Of Commute

Preparation is key. Be ready, have all your gear in one place to reduce the chances of forgetting anything. In the summer make sure your bottles are filled and glasses are in place. In the winter warm your clothes up on the radiator, ESPECIALLY your shoes. You’ll do this once and never forget.