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Bikeworx Cycle To Work Scheme from JE James Cycles


BikeWorx - Cycle To Work Scheme

Tax is complicated; Bikeworx cycle to work isn’t. Bikeworx is an easy way to get a bike for much less than retail price. How? Simple, choose a bike and hire it from your employers for 12 months. They will take the payments directly from your salary before tax, meaning you pay less tax over this 12 month period.

It’s easy to set up, with all the hard administrative work taken care of by our online, time-saving features. JE James Cycles will even assist in training your bike to work administrative team, giving them all the marketing resources they need to help inform and keep employees up to speed with how Bikeworx is processed. Our Bikeworx bike to work scheme is completely processed in-house without the need for third-party finance companies or additional admin charges. So although tax can be complicated, tax savings for both employee and employer, through Bikework, is not!

BikeWorx - Cycle to work scheme Employee benefits

Employee Benefit Highlights

Save the planet: Bikeworx is a great way for you to help the environment and for your employer to be seen as taking a proactive approach to reducing their carbon footprint.

Health Benefits: Someone who weighs 80kg (12st 9lb) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour’s riding. Cycling burns fat and unlike running it is a low impact exercise and causes less damage on joints.

Huge Selection: Bikeworx is part of JEJames Cycles, one of the largest independent cycle retailers in the UK. All the Bikeworx team are cyclists themselves, so we can offer expert advice to guide you through which type of bike and accessories are best suited to your budget and intended use. With over 20 of the largest brands on the market to choose from, JE James Cycles Bikeworx is the scheme for you.

Oh yes, and did we mention you can save up to 42% on the cost of a new Bike and Accessories?*

BikeWorx - Cycle to work scheme benefits Employers

Employer Benefit Highlights

NI / PAYE Savings: By the employer purchasing the bike and the employee paying for the loan of the bike through a ‘Salary Sacrifice’ scheme. you the employer saves on your National Insurance contributions, up to 13.8% of the value of all the equipment supplied to the employee.

Environmental image / PR: Employers signing up to the Bikeworx scheme show their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint globally, nationally and locally. This helps raise a company’s profile and can be a great way to generate positive publicity and enhance public perception of commitment to environmental issues.

It’s Free: Sign up to Bikeworx and we will co-ordinate the necessary financial arrangements between employer, staff, HR and payroll.

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