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Being a “Queen of the mountain” is a 50-50 effort from you and the bike. With this in mind, Liv have invested in their mountain bike range to offer even more for women of all abilities. No trail or terrain is the same therefore mountain bikes aren’t either. With the Peak District on our doorstep, Je James are proud to offer the selection of mountain bikes that Liv has to offer to tackle varying off-road routes and single track. The ranges include hardtail’s - with front suspension and full suspension bikes. Whether you’re new to nose-diving downhill, a pro at powering over rocks or looking to strengthen your bike skills on the roads less travelled, there will be a bike for you from an entry-level price point, to the top spec performance machine.

There are six Liv ranges to choose from, each with varying spec models to suit different requirements.
For the daring divas who like to go furiously fast on the trails or take part in enduro racing, the ‘Hail’ will be the perfect full suspension partner in crime. “All models feature a dual-position fork that can be reduced in travel down to 130mm for greater climbing efficiency.” Designed for high speeds, you’ll be at risk of being missed, but not missing out on first place. When you need a versatile cross-country trail bike, look no further than the ‘Pique’ range. With two models offering different spec components, you can decide how daring you want to be. If you have a one-track mind and you’re looking to build your confidence with a new steed, on some new tracks, the ‘Embolden’ bike is created for just that. An entry-level full suspension bike that is nimble yet stable, it will give you the courage to cruise over anything with plenty of traction and stopping power. Those who are ready to race with a single-track mind, the ‘Obsess’ range has two models that you will easily become obsessed with riding. This is an entry-level, cross-country focussed hardtail, aimed at women who are ready to explore the rough with absolutely no smooth. With ultimate efficiency and performance, this bike will give you confidence on forest terrain to single-track. We all have to start somewhere, whether you’re familiar with off-road riding, have a road background or you’re discovering the dirty world of two wheels for the first time. The ‘Tempt’ is an entry-level hardtail mountain bike designed to never leave you behind. There are three models to choose from, and it is versatile enough to use for commuting and leisure rides should you have enough of the rough. The ‘Bliss’ range also features two models that are entry-level hardtail’s, equipped to handle anything never leaving you behind. You can confidently embrace paths, paved roads and trails. If all of that hasn’t made you want to go get dirty, then take a look at the selection we offer at Je James and be prepared to want to explore the nearest off-road route with any of these bikes.

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