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Liv Hybrid

Hybrid bikes are a game changer in the cycling world. Wherever your wheels are taking you, whether you need to get from A to B, but nip via Z, what is important to Liv is getting there in comfort and style. If your ride is leisurely or laborious, Je James will have a bike that will meet your requirements. Liv have designed three types of Hybrid bikes with multiple models. For those needing to race around the city on a versatile machine, there is the ‘BeLiv’ range, with two models both featuring drop bars and disc brakes. You’ll feel like you’re on a road bike with added comfort. The sloped top tube allows you to quickly hop on and hop off without pirouetting all over the pavement. When you’re still wanting to race around for longer distances, but maybe not in the city, the ‘Thrive’ range will offer you the ideal steed for fitness and adventure riding. In the range there are four models offering different components to suit your needs. This bike is extremely versatile and is designed for a quick, comfortable ride taking you faster on a short daily spin or further on a long road adventure.

If you need more of a workhorse to commute or tour on, the ‘Alight’ range will give you plenty of options with five different models. In this range there is a selection of bikes with and without mudguards and rear racks mounted. The upright position will give you stability, and a more comfortable ride when weaving through traffic or around trees. When leisurely getting around is more your style, there is the Flourish range, a dutch style bike. In the range there are three models of bikes, all of which come with fitted mudguards. Two have a basket, and one complete with a rear rack also. At Je James we want to showcase the best, but the choice is yours..

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