Bianchi is possibly the oldest and most prestigious manufacturer of bikes. They've been making performance bikes for over 130 years. Started back in 1885 by edoardo bianchi in milan, bianchi bikes have continued to be one of the most distinguished and stylish bikes around.


Way back in 1885 Edoardo Bianchi started producing bikes in a small workshop in Milan. From 1897 to 1967 they also produced motorbikes when Autobianchi was sold to Fiat. It is generally considered to be the oldest Bike manufacurer in the world.


The Bianchi reputation began when the company sponsored Giovanni Tommasello, the winner of the Grand Prix de Paris sprint competition in 1899.


Myths surround the origin of the celeste colour used by Bianchi - it is rumored that it was a mixture of surplus military paint. The shade has changed over the years, sometimes more blue, then more green. Whatever its origins, when people see the colour celeste they think Bianchi.



Bianchi CV is Bianchi's integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling, with innovative and exclusive use of patented countervail® material, created by Bianchi's research and development team.


In 2019 Bianchi launched LIF-E. This range of E-bikes includes the T-Tronik hard-tail and full-suspension E-powered mountain bikes as well as the Impulso, a stylish E-road bike.


Ride Beyond limits! Bianchi produce extreme racing performance carbon frames, optimized to achieve the most efficient power transmission with the best rigidity to weight ratio.

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