The Andy Moore Auto Centre (AMAC) cycle racing team was formed during the 2014 season. Initially, the idea was to set up a team that would give young, up and coming riders the opportunity to enjoy the success that many of the bigger teams have enjoyed. They soon discovered that a lot of these riders simply didn’t have the backing which meant, for many, they would turn up to races with probably just the bike in the back of a car with no real support or knowledge of what to do.

The idea was to develop a logistics programme similar to what many of the big teams have in place. Designing a purpose-built team van for bikes and kit, combined with their very own mobile home, the pressures of race day logistics is simplified, giving the riders the opportunity of focusing on racing and not logistics. This has given these promising riders many chances to see how far they could progress and discover what they really could achieve. So the Andy Moore Race Team has developed and even though most people thought it was a far-fetched dream – that they were chasing rainbows; so far it’s proven to be successful.

Je James Cycles & Andy Moore

From the very beginning in 2014, JE James Cycles have been proud to sponsor the Andy Moore Race Team We were so impressed with Andy Moore and his team that we felt it important to be a part of its future. JE James Cycles didn't just sponsor the team for the race results; one of the primary factors were the people. We believe in both the passion of Andy Moore and the drive he has for developing talent, combined with the genuinely fantastic and committed team members. Not only does the Andy Moore Race Team offer great results on the bike, but they also offer incredible support to JE James Cycles off the bike. Throughout the year Team members attend numerous events, imparting their great advice and tips to anybody showing interest with both warmth and friendliness, as though you were part of the team.

For the past few years JE James Cycles have provided the team with Giant bikes. 2018 saw the team racing disc bikes for the first time and for the coming 2019 season JE James are proud to supply the latest Giant Propel Advanced Pro Disc.

We, at JE James, are looking forward to many more years supporting this wonderful team!