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Andy Moore Race Team

About Andy Moore Racing

The Andy Moore team formed during the 2014 season and initially the idea was to setup a team that would give young, up and coming riders the opportunity to enjoy the success that the bigger teams have had. We found that a lot of these riders just didn’t have the backing meaning for many they would turn up to races with probably just the bike in the back of a car with no real support or knowledge of what to do.

So we thought that if we could put the logistics similar to what a big team have got in place it would be exciting to see how far we could progress these promising riders – to see what they really could achieve. So the Andy Moore Race Team was born and it has been this idea driving the project from the beginning, most people thought it was a far-fetched dream – that we were chasing rainbows. So far it’s proven to be successful.

Je James Cycles & Andy Moore

JE James Cycles are proud to sponsor the Andy Moore Race Team, right from the start back in 2014, we were so impressed with Andy Moore and his team we wanted had to be apart of its future. JE James Cycles didn't just sponsor the team for the results on the track, one of the primary factors where the people, both the passion of Andy Moore and the drive he has for developing talent, combined with the genuinely fantastic team members the Andy Moore Race Team offers great results on the bike but also offer great support to JE James Cycles off the bike, attending numerous events throughout the year imparting their great advice and tips to everyone with warmth and friendliness as though you where apart of the team. We look forward to many more years supporting this wonderful team!

News & Blogs

Get the latest news, blogs, interviews and results from the team in the Andy Moore Race Team Blog. All of the latest info from the team will be updated weekly so you can get your bite sized chunks of team information on a regular basis.

Follow The Team

Connect with the team via social media and join the Andy Moore Racing Team Facebook group. Talk with the team and other members of the group, share experiences tips regarding everything cycling.

The Team

Put faces to the team, with our image gallery. More photos set to be added over the coming months as the season progresses.