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Whatever your situation a Turbo Trainer is a perfect home essential, giving you a great alternative to training in varying cold weather during the winter months. Okay, we all know you can't beat the feeling of the tarmac beneath you but turbo trainers offer a great way to enhance your fitness and strengthen muscles when recovering from injury. There are plenty of trainers available with more features than you could even think of, compact too, meaning you can easily store it away if space is tight. Training for a race, regaining fitness or simply fitting in the miles when the little ones are in bed, there is always a reason to invest in a turbo trainer. Worth considering before you buy:

  • Use - How do you intend to use your trainer, a few times a week? During colder seasons? Or as a way to do regular training? This will determine what kind of trainer is best for you, and filter out if you need an all singing and dancing trainer or a standard machine to go hard whilst you're at home. They vary quite drastically in price along with features and functions. Smart trainers appeal to some and are a distraction for others, chose wisely.
  • Interactive - Once you have assessed the above you will know if you want to invest in a smart/virtual trainer or not. They offer a smoother ride, more akin to actual road riding. Some offer automatic incline and decline along with multiple programmes for logging rides and simulated routes around the world. With the correct software some offer the ability to load your routes on social media to share and challenge friends.
  • Trainer type - Magnetic, Fluid, Virtual, or Smart trainer. Some experience riders even choose rollers for those who don't want to be attached to a device and want to improve their core stability by having to make sure you stay upright focusing on their balance.

  • Training need not be hindered by bad weather or dark nights - even with the most basic model of trainer you can still put in the miles!
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