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GPS Computers

A cycle computer can benefit both your adventures and your health, combining navigational tools and performance results, enabling you to track and log your output, maintain your energy exertion to improve endurance whilst riding and also test your stamina when seeking to improve fitness and set goals, not to mention helping you see more of the great outdoors with a little guided help.
Fitness monitoring keeps track of your achievements, assessing your times/speeds on repeated routes and hills, helping you keep track of your improvements.
Navigation - There are various map features depending on the computer you choose - either basic or detailed map layout, with options to see local landmarks whilst out and about, encouraging you to go further and explore those extra miles safely with the reassurance of knowing exactly where you are.
Social - Riding with a group or club is, for some, a great way to enjoy cycling, but there are occasions when a solo ride is necessary or preferable. Even when riding alone, a GPS stored ride can be shared with your friends and may encourage them to try the route for themselves.

What you can expect from Cycle GPS Computers:
  • Great navigation and accurate, detailed training information are the two main functions of a GPS computer. With the right software this information can be uploaded to your home computer or laptop enabling you to keep a training log with important physical data and routes.
  • Compatibility - Syncing options for your ride with social media, Smartphone's and heart rate monitors.
  • Cadence sensors, The revolutions per minute (RPM) your pedal stroke, displayed as you ride and totalled post ride.
  • Altitude meter, Displaying and logging height above sea level.
  • Heart rate monitor, Your current heart rate displayed as you ride and your over all average and maximum heart rate totalled post ride.
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