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Hydration is vital if you want to make the most of your rides. Whether you're competing or out for a leisure ride, keeping yourself hydrated will ensure you are able to complete your ride with less fatigue. Carrying enough fluid for your ride is important. Hydration packs, bottles or combination of both gives the rider the option of carrying fluid from the start with the ability to top up should you need to. There are hydration tablets and powders to add to water to ensure you not only quench your thirst but properly hydrate and replace your bodies' lost fluids.

Bottle cages - There are bottle cages to suit just about any bike. Designed in multiple colours and varying materials (plastic, alloy, carbon etc) there is sure to be one to fit. Side entry cages are ideal for smaller, compact frames and if you have fittings for two cages be sure to find the right size bottles to fit your frame.

Bottles - There is a range of bottles to choose from, holding 500ml to 1000ml coming in various colours and styles, making it easy to find one to complement your bike.

Things to consider:

*Choose the right material for the kind of riding you will be doing. Some cages come with rubber grips or a design that is enhanced to hold the bottle during rough riding. Whilst other cages are designed to be lightweight and streamlined, aimed at the road bike enthusiast.

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