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Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to buying gifts for the cycling aficionado in your family, it’s not always easy thinking of ideas. Are they enthusiastic mountain bikers or hard-core roadies? Young or old? We at JE James have created three gift sections for road cyclists, mountain bikers and young cyclists; each with some great ideas to bring a smile to their face. Maybe a new bike for junior, a pair of socks for dad or something a little more creative - a new seat pack, set of lights, new floor pump or a new outfit. We’re sure that our gift section will give you a little inspiration and, if you look closely, you’ll find more than a few bargains.

Gifts for Roadies: Part 2

Why not show your beloved roadie how much you think of him or her? Maybe a pair of shiny new road shoes, bib shorts, jersey or complete outfit? Perhaps they’ve been yearning for a Garmin or dropping hints about their old floor pump giving up the ghost - our gifts for roadies section is sure to give you some great ideas.

Gifts for MTB: Part 2

As a rule you find mountain bikers are generally a very happy bunch and love nothing more than venturing into the great outdoors, even when it’s cold, wet or both. And if you want to give them a little something for Christmas that helps them enjoy their high speed, off road jinks, look no further than our gifts for mountain bikers section.

Gifts for Young Cyclists

You may find a bike at the top of your little one’s list for Santa and if so, JE James are sure to have a bike or two that’ll fit the bill. Our gifts for young cyclists has a few, great value bikes for you to consider. If however, you’re just looking for a little inspiration for some other gift ideas to bring a smile to the face of your little prince or princess, look no further. There’s helmets, gloves, lights and a few other great gift ideas for your little cyclist.


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