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Christmas Gift Ideas

Trying to think of the perfect gift for your cycling enthusiast - road or mountain, old or young, can be a tricky task. if you're looking for some inspiration in finding the most appropriate cycling related prezzy, try one of our three gift sections. JE James has put together a few ideas for road cyclists, mountain bikers and the cycling youngster. From gloves to tools, seat packs to socks, you're sure to find some ideas that will inspire. So if you're looking for the right cycling gift, look no further.

Gifts for Roadies

Christmas is a time for showing your leg shaving loved one how much you love him or her with a well thought out gift. Whatever you choose to buy them, check out our gift section - you might find inspiration.

Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Even in the depths of winter, mountain bikers love to get out, about and muddy. You’re sure to find something that’ll bring a smile to the face of your mountain biking enthusiast.

Gifts for Young Cyclists

For many, many years, Christmas is traditionally a time for buying your little angel a sparkling new bike. But if you’re looking for a some other gift ideas for your young cyclist, look no further, you’re sure to find a little inspiration in our gifts section.


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