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Maintenance Stands

Have you ever worked on your bike for hours on end trying to set up your gears only find that your local bike shop can do the same job in no time at all? Time to let you in on a little secret, we aren’t all wizards or bike whisperers, I know shock, horror!

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Going Tubeless

    Going tubeless has become much easier in recent years. The creation of tubeless conversion kits and the increasing popularity of factory fitted tubeless ready tyres amongst manufacturers mean that you’re only a rim strip a valve and a bit of sealant away from a conversion.

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The M-check is an essential maintenance check that every cyclist should be able to undertake quickly and easily. It consists of a comprehensive check of all the major components of your bike from front to back, from top to bottom.

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Tyred Tyres

From the stereotypical teenagers hardtail with a suspect bald rear tyre centre tread to the trail warriors tie wrap sidewall repair we’ve seen some sights. On average we pull at least one expired plastic gift card out of a tyre per week, It’s sole purpose you ask? Well it’s to prevent the inner tube from bursting through a semi-ripped sidewall.

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Chain & Cassette Wear

    A bicycle drive terrain is mostly classed as a consumable part by cyclists. Parts will need to be changed as and when they wear out and as with most mechanical wear the sooner you notice a part is past its best the cheaper it is to put right.

    The most commonly replaced drive terrain item is the chain. This is because of the sheer amount of stress and wear this one item gets. The chain is almost in constant use.

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Brake pad Replacement

Depending on the type of brake you have the type of bike you ride, the gradient and type of terrain you ride and the amount of distance you cover you’ll have to replace your brake pads on a regular basis.

The type of pad you should buy depends entirely on the above factors as well as the age of the bicycle. The best way to check brake pad replacement is to physically look at the amount of ‘meat’ left on the pad. For most rim brake style pads (excluding some carbon specific pads). You should check for grooves running down the middle of the pad

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Drivetrain Cleaning

Every year pretty much to the week of the clocks going back the workshop parts cleaner goes into overdrive. Cassettes get clogged up chains turn black and jockey wheels look like they’ve put on a few pounds. This week is all about preventative maintenance and the proper maintenance of your drive train.

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Lateral Wheel Truing

    Any rider who has ever tinkered with truing a wheel will tell you that unless you know exactly what your doing just tightening to looser spokes won’t cut the mustard. The wheel is more likely to end up like an egg shaped figure of 8.Being the elected mechanic amongst my group I’ve seen the look on riders faces as they see their wheel coming back in to line and you announce ‘it’s sorted’, And they look at you like you’re the wheel whisperer.

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Winter Survival

After running through a few ideas with the rest of the workshop guys for this weeks maintenance guide and an extremely cold morning ride to the shop we gathered inspiration from the near arctic conditions.

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Headset Adjustment

Being able adjust a head set is just one of those jobs that will ultimately save you a early morning pre-ride trip down to the bike shop. As always we’re more than happy to help but being able to fix it yourself isn’t a terrible thing, is it? Provided that you have basic maintenance gear adjusting your headset should be a doddle.

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